Central Machine and Marine: For All Your Machining and Fabrication Needs

An industrial machine shop is one of the most demanding places that need modern technology to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. This is why CMM is continually making huge strides in keeping up with the needs of its clientele. Central Machine and Marine specializes in the large-scale manufacture, repair and maintenance services. With the aid of highly advanced technology, it has prioritized provision of innovative solutions to the mining, nuclear, petrochemical and forestry sectors.

CMM is a leading machine shop Ontario CA with many qualified and experienced staff, including fitters, engineering technicians, welders and millwrights. Even on a short notice, the team will do all it can to make sure a job in completed, regardless of the type of complexities or the time of the day or night that work is to be done. They are always on call and ready to give expert service. The company’s committed staff has hands-on experience in central machine and marine producing any part of a machine with provided specifications. Their state-of-the-art equipment and machines ensure nothing is impossible to handle. Large-scale fabrication and CNC machining services are carried out at their CNC machine shop Ontario. Part of CMM’s nature is to produce highly tolerant components that can be traced easily during the entire manufacturing process.


CMM’s Large Inventory Helps Meet Client’s Demands

It is the machine shop’s tradition to keep a large inventory at any given time. The diversified stock of metal bars and plates makes it ideal for any urgent order one may have. These materials are mainly made of stainless steel, cast iron, nickel alloys, non-ferrous and chrome. The materials can be turned, cut or machined into size and shape within a short period of time. They are also experts in secondary operations, which are done in their machine shops in Ontario that comprises of sandblasting, heat treatment and painting.

Large Scale Fabrication

Central Machine and Marine can meet all the fabrication needs of refining and petrochemical industries. They offer timely services and repairs for process equipment, tower internals and cnc machine shop ontario pressure levels. CMM’s machine shop in Ontario CA has been around since 1973, providing the market with the desired maintenance and repair solutions. Their manufacturing facility can handle projects weighing up to 60 tons.

CMM is equipped with technologically advanced machinery and staff that handles both small and big manufactures and repair of components. With their frequent upgrade of machines, the shop can tackle anything brought their way with ease.